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We offer services which cover the entire life cycle of your projects.

Pilot Project
Using Matisse, Matisse will assist your organization with the successful deployment of a pilot application.

  • Specification and planning
  • Object modeling
  • Application design
  • Database design
  • Application development
  • Application documentation
  • Application testing and optimizing
  • Application deployment (simulated or implemented)
  • Application and Data Migration

Object Modeling
Matisse will guide your organization through the object modeling process to derive a high-level object model for your new or existing system.

  • Examine and document all known data types
  • Produce an abstract view of the major object classes and main relationships between classes
  • Validate that the object model meets the application requirements and does not break constraints
  • Define the probable size, population and life cycle of each object class
  • Document the object model at three levels of abstraction -- from highly-abstract to a detailed model of the major functionality
  • Define and review a project plan based on the object model

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