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The Matisse DBMS delivers up to a 100-1 price performance improvement through the ability to natively store XML and program objects from Java, C#, C++, VB, Eiffel and the leading scripting languages including Python and PHP. Matisse eases the transition to Web services for IT departments by coupling native XML & object support with the ability to work with ANSI SQL. This enables IT departments to leverage their SQL expertise and to continue to use 3rd party SQL reporting and analysis tools. Matisse's proven architecture, and patent pending technology, provides excellent performance and scalability within both the J2EE and .NET environments.

Product Overview

Discover how Matisse 9 will benefit you and your organization with the development and administration features presented below.

Top 7 features for Development
  • Native Object and XML Support -- Simplifies development by providing native support for virtually all object-oriented languages and capabilities including: object persistence, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, unique object identifiers and bi-directional links between objects. It also decreases code complexity and the amount of code up to 70% by eliminating the overhead, and performance limitations, of object-relational (OR) mapping.
  • ANSI SQL Support -- An embedded SQL statement can access both the relationships and the attributes of Matisse objects, or 3rd party tools can use Matisse's standard SQL implementation to deliver native SQL ODBC/JDBC connectivity to powerful reporting and analysis tools.
  • Stored Methods and Referential Integrity -- Easily enforce business rules using SQL within the engine, instead of haphazardly depend upon individual applications to enfore business rules.
  • Fast Joins -- Matisse fast joins use relationship navigation to rapidly locate and access related data from multiple classes.
  • Dynamic Schema Evolution -- Enables the addition or removal of classes or properties while Matisse is online.
  • Full-Text Search -- Supports full-text search applications through Matisse Entry-Point dictionary mechanism.
  • Integration with 3rd party tools -- Visual Studio .NET for the .NET platform and JBuilder, NetBeans and Forte for the J2EE platform and Rational Rose for data modeling.
Top 7 features for Database Administration
  • Database Mirroring -- Matisse databases can be automatically replicated to one or more systems to ensure that the database is available 24x365.
  • Disk Mirroring -- Matisse's disk mirroring provides fault tolerance in case of disk failure, and read access scalability without the need to purchase specialized hardware or software. The system automatically reconfigures itself; thus no system administration is required to implement this capability.
  • Data Partitioning -- Objects in a single class can be transparently distributed across multiple disks. This reduces the possibility of disk "hot spots" and allows single queries to access multiple partitions simultaneously.
  • Fast Recovery -- Matisse fast recovery, which relies on version-based checkpointing mechanims, ensures high availability of Matisse databases.
  • Linear Scalability -- The Matisse server scales linearly on SMP (symmetric multi processing) architectures as new CPUs and disks are added.
  • Versioning Engine -- A unique versioning engine improves performance by avoiding the overhead of transaction log operations and administration. In write-intensive (update and load) environments with numerous concurrent users, Matisse shows an overwhelming performance advantage without the loss of database integrity, recovery, or throughput.
  • Minimal Administration -- Self-administering and always running, Matisse was designed to require no dedicated DBA, and instead only require minimum administration once in operation.


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