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Nuclear Power Industry
From uranium mining to fuel fabrication, and from power generation through final spent fuel processing, engineers, managers and business executives have searched for tools that reduce design and construction costs, decrease maintenance efforts, and extend the life of critical capital equipment, while preserving the environment and protecting the public.

The Introduction of Matisse®
In the early 1990s, the French government funded the initial development of Matisse as a specific tool targeted for France's nuclear power industry. Developed for industrial control and other mission critical applications that need to handle large volumes of dynamic data while providing 100% uptime, the first deployment of Matisse was at Cogema S.A.'s La Hague nuclear facility where it continues to operate. Since then, Matisse has been successfully deployed in many sites in Europe, among them Cogema, Electricite' de France, Sanofi, CEA, SNCF, and the French Navy.

Product Description
Matisse is the world's first Object-SQL database, highly regarded in applications that control or manage systems that have dynamic characteristics such as industrial processes in a nuclear facility. Since the database schema can be changed at any time (even while applications are running); it makes it an ideal configuration management tool for engineering, procurement, and construction projects.

The database is designed to be self-administering and always available, making it highly cost-competitive when compared to databases that require a full-time DBA.

Product Usage
Matisse has proven itself in some of the most complex industrial environments, from nuclear power plants to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, where errors can be very costly and instant response is critical.

Matisse is the core software that can power the mission-critical functions, provide real-time information on complex process operations, and furnish on-demand, accurate and updated information to the operators, maintenance technicians, and engineers. Some of the functional areas in which Matisse has proven itself:

  • Configuration Management: Management of the "change process" throughout the facility and the greater enterprise. Matisse can control the change process for a system, structure, or component (SSC) from conceptual design to decommissioning, across functional organizations throughout the enterprise.
  • Operations: Matisse offers the operators real-time site-wide control and monitoring of mission critical systems. These systems collectively comprise hundreds of thousands of individual components most with dynamic characteristics.
  • Maintenance: Matisse supports preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance activities by providing on-line documentation to the technicians in the field including real-time system diagnostic information.
  • Quality Assurance: Matisse is capable of modeling quality control hold points and supervisory approval of maintenance and testing tasks in real-time as they are being performed in the field.
  • Training: Matisse is used in the reactor operator training simulators. Matisse is capable of realistically modeling complex systems and processes including off-normal and emergency scenarios for the training of operators.
  • Document Management: Matisse can support major Electronic Document Management (EDM) formats. Matisse's capabilities also allow the management and administration of documents in multi-media format.
  • Procurement: By virtue of its XML interface, Matisse is e-business capable and can support the functional requirements of nuclear procurement including varying pedigree determination requirements.
By virtue of its flexibility, scalability, reliability, and cost advantage, Matisse can provide the owner/user a single environment for control and management of projects, processes, business, and change. Simply put, with Matisse, we assure our nuclear customer of:
  • Lower engineering costs
  • Reduced project implementation costs
  • Improved Configuration Management
  • Increased maintenance efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Increased oversight and accountability
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