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Clinic Server Relies on Matisse 7 for its On-Demand Health Care Clinics Services

Mountain View, CA - March 7, 2005 Matisse Software today announces that Clinic Server, an ASP based in New Brunswick, Canada, is deploying its practice management system for health care clinics by using the Matisse 7 database as its data repository of choice.

The Clinic Server application provides patient appointment scheduling, resources management, workflow process management, patient information filing and patient accounting and third party billing. It works with every aspect of a medical clinic practice. From the moment patients phone to book an appointment to the time they leave, Clinic Server handles all the scheduling, workflow, patient information and billing aspects of the medical practice. Multiple locations are seamlessly interconnected, and new locations need only have Internet access to be an up and running part of the business.

Clinic Server runs its Java based application on top of multiple Matisse 7 Post-Relational SQL databases running on Red Had Enterprise Linux servers. Each one of Clinic Server's customers has its own dedicated Matisse database in order to conform to HIPAA, the National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information.

"Matisse's support of native Java objects is very important for us; it greatly simplifies the development of new product features," said Paul Kasdan, CEO of Clinic Server. "We also make extensive use of Fast Joins, every time our code navigates a relationship. Furthermore, Matisse is very low maintenance and we appreciate this very much as it allows us to spend more time developing new features."

"We are very pleased to work with Clinic Server," said Claude Ezran, Vice President of Marketing of Matisse Software, "they have a very innovative application that makes the administration of medical practices a lot more efficient. We are glad that we were able to provide them with a database platform running on Linux that lowers their TCO and integrates well with Java."

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