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Matisse Ships its new ADO.NET Data Provider with Object support extension

Burlingame, CA - June 6, 2003 Matisse Software Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its native ADO.NET Data provider for Matisse 6.0. Matisse Software has pushed the envelope of Microsoft ADO.NET architecture and extended it into a powerful Object Access Services component for .NET.

Matisse’s extension of ADO.NET, demonstrates that ADO.NET can evolve beyond the Microsoft architecture to benefit .NET developers. Unlike the standard ADO.NET data provider, which returns data in a table format to integrate seamlessly with relational products, Matisse has extended the ADO.NET architecture to return data in an object format. By adding a single method - GetObject() - to an ADO.NET object, Matisse has transformed the architecture of applications, removing the need for Object-Relational mapping layer and all the limitations that come with it. This feature alone eliminates 30% to 50% of your application code benefiting .NET Developers.

"We see Matisse's support for .NET as an extension of our cross-platform strategy, and we remain committed to ensuring Matisse customers can leverage the latest technology advances," said Didier Cabannes, President & CEO at Matisse Software Inc. "As our customers move to address .NET and the new Web Services paradigm on both the .NET and Java platforms, we have the tools that interoperate with their internal applications, as well as those of external business partners -- regardless of the programming languages, platforms or software products used."

Matisse for .NET is paying off in terms of shorter time-to-market due to shorter database design cycles, and lower TCO over the long-term due to lower costs required for database maintenance and performance tuning.

A developer version of Matisse 6.0 for .NET is available for download. Specific advantages of Matisse include:

  • Object Access Services for .NET
  • Simplified and accelerated development through the fusion of native object support and SQL
  • No schema modification downtime with dynamic schema evolution
  • Protection for mission critical applications with 24x365 proven reliability through distributed replication

Matisse 6.0 also supports the popular server platforms Sun Solaris, Linux, the J2EE framework, and a broad range of language bindings including Java, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, Python, Perl, PHP, Smalltalk and Eiffel. Most language bindings are offered as open source software.

For more information about Matisse 6.0 or to download the developer version, visit


About Matisse Software
Matisse Software Inc. delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly, and cost effectively, develop and deploy scalable applications and services. Matisse 6.0, the company's flagship product, is the first ever SQL-Object programmable data server on the market. Matisse has enabled developers across the world to implement applications and services that require high performance on complex data that goes beyond the modeling capabilities of legacy relational databases. The Matisse database has been powering mission critical systems including nuclear power plants and pharmaceutical plants for over a decade. Matisse Software Inc. is a private company. For more information visit


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